Hello...I'm Gus.

I started out in the home improvement and snow management industry at the age of sixteen. I became involved with this business because I loved the idea of helping others transform their homes and business into a space that they enjoy being in.

As soon as I started, I saw the impact that I was making in different communities. As the son of an immigrant who came here for better opportunities in life, I felt accomplished to be in an industry that allows me to interact with different types of people with all different backgrounds.

GPA Services is a family operated company that values honesty and integrity, and stands behind its work.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible and this is accomplished by being friendly, cautious and making the client a part of the process with daily updates and excellent communication. At GPA Services, we do things right the first time by respecting your property and your home. We recognize that we are guests. Our team is qualified and experienced. We focus on customer experience with industry leading standards of service and care. The name GPA Services has been synonymous with effective communication, security, quality, respect and jobs well done. You can rely on us.

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